$$$ for Bugs - GlassFish GAP Program

Our bugs, or, rather, your bug submissions, can put some $$s in your pocket! TheGlassFish Awards Program (GAP) divides its $175K prize into two major sections. The biggest chunk goes intoContributions and we have seen a good number of submissions - although there are still some opportunities left. GAP also reserves $50K for bug submissions with a target of 100 winning submissions. For those of you math-savy, that is $500; not bad for a bug report!Unfortunately, Sun employees...

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Jerome at Blip.TV on GlassFish v3

Ed Ort interviewed Jerome duringJavaOne a couple of weeks ago and the interview just got published atBlip.TV; it runs for about 10 minutes, it covers a tiny bit of background and provides information on the GlassFish v3 architecture. I believe there will be a front page article at Sun.Com soon onGlassFish that will reference to this interview and other material. I'll let you know when it is up. It's very nice to see how GlassFish has spread from itsengineering roots into other...

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Monitor the Memory Consumption of your GlassFish Server

Meena has posted a quick note on how to turn on GC logging on both the Cluster and the DAS instances of the GlassFish Server; check out her note on Monitoring Memory Growth in GlassFish. I need to catch up on the whole VisualVM effort; perhaps we should invite them for the new TheAquarium TV series.

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Embeding GlassFish - Servlet in Maven

One of the new features in GlassFIsh v3 is that it can be embedded. Kohsuke and Vivek started playing seriously with this for a demo before JavaOne and it got a lot of attention (see embedded blogs @ TA). Now Arun has written a description of how to do this using NetBeans and Maven. Check out the details at Arun's Note; download GF v3 TP2 and NetBeans and let us know how it goes.

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WebLogic to GlassFish Migration Example - JSP TagHandler

One more example from Sekhar in the Switch series. This one is from WebLogic: Converting the JSP TagHandler example. The example covers: • WLS Split Directory → GF Exploded Directory • weblogic.xml → sun-web.xml Mapping • Virtual Directory Mapping • Relative Path in URL

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Latest GlassFish reference - TravelMuse

Another reference has hit the "GlassFish Stories" blog. TraveMuse is a new company soon at full speed promising you a better online travel planning experience (I'm sure you'll agree there's room for improvement ;). The amount of GlassFish technologies and open source frameworks is comprehensive and includes EJB, JSF, JPA, JMS (OpenMQ), jMaki, but also Alfresco for content management. MySQL is the backend database used to power TravelMuse. The entire architecture is running on...

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