Grizzly 2.0 Started - Alexey and JFA

Alexey has taken over the lead development role forGrizzly 2.0 - withJFA's guideance - and he has started working on Grizzly 2.0. This arrangement will increase our investment in Grizzly while leaving some extra time for JFA to start a new related project (stay tuned). Grizzly 2.0 will build on 1.x and is planned for the end of CY08 - to be included in aGF v3 release. Check out the Roadmap, Draft,Discussion andAlexey's Announcement. I need to learn more about Russian...

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More news on Ericsson SDS and Netbeans support for SailFin

Ericsson Mobility World has posted more information about Service Development Studio (SDS) integration with SailFin (Sun GlassFish Communications Server). A new release of SDS supports SailFin and an extensive tutorial explaining the integration is available here. On the netbeans front, Vince reports the availability of SIP Application Development Module Suite from the netbeans update center. Newest bits are available in the lib/tools/netbeans directory of the...

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BTrace showing promises

Btrace is essentially a (new and) portable DTrace - a safe (read, not write), low-overhead, probe-based dynamic tracing tool. Btrace offers Java annotations to define what could be considered as troubleshooting interceptors ("probe points"). While BTrace applies to any Java application development, in the case of GlassFish, BTrace can be used to observe specific parts of the system or better yet, correlate events between it various parts. Athijegannathan has a recent post about...

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Building GFv3 with Maven and SVN

Julien has a very nice detailed description of how to build the GlassFish v3 Server from the SVN Sources using Maven. Instructions and a couple of screenshots. The distributed (and just "different" than GFv2) way of building GFv3 has been a common source of discussions in the DEV alias; hopefully Julien's note will help a bit. Added: Arun covers the topic in TOTD #33.

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More WebApps with Jersey - Now with GlassFish v3 Embedded

Jakub's Building a Jersey WebApp ended with: mvn tomcat:run but his New Sample now ends as: mvn glassfish:run Jakub's note includes full instructions, sources and annotated run screenshots. Check it out!

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GlassFish Day @ Jazoon: D-3 (Agenda posted)

(this should have been out a few days ago but somehow got stuck in the queue...) We've finally got around to publishing the final version of the Jazoon GlassFish Day agenda. Clearly you'll notice it's not only about GlassFish the app server but rather about the broader and growing GlassFish community. We'll have a pretty packed agenda with shorter than usual 45-minute sessions on JAX-RS/Jersey, Comet/IceFaces (See Ted's post), OpenESB, Tooling, JavaEE, OpenDS, and GlassFish...

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