Tuning SailFin for High Performance

Network Manager is a SailFin module that handles Grizzly integration, message parsing, ByteBuffers, thread pools etc. Ramesh, the module owner for network manager layer in SailFin Project, has started a series of blogs [1,2] explaining the knobs available to configure SailFin SIP container for high performance. Checkout Eltjo Boersma's blog for more details about configuration of SailFin network listeners. On the JCP front, JSR 289 has been submitted for final approval ballot....

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EclipseLink 1.0 Released

alt="Radio Receiver Icon" width="89" height="99" hspace="4" vspace="4" align="left"/> The EclipseLink team has released EclipseLink 1.0. This release will be incorporated into a future version of GFv3. See earlier EclipseLink Posts and check out the Release Announcement.

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Migrating from JBoss to GlassFish - Part I: RESTful Services

Here is a new addition to our Switch series. Justin is in the process of converting from JBoss to GlassFish Server and he is going to document it in his blog. His first entry covers the two (small) issues he encountered when converting his REST-based endpoints: ordering of WARs and JDBC resource deployments. Check out From JBoss to Glassfish: Part I. I will highlight Justin's additional entries as they become available.

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New GlassFish Podcasts - Fuji and OpenESB

After a short hiatus, the GlassFish Podcast has two new episodes from a presentation delivered at the recent GlassFish Day at the Jazoon conference. The speaker is Andreas Egloff (a fellow editor on TheAquarium), and the topics are OpenESB and Project Fuji. Episode #13 covers the existing OpenESB technology and community building on top of JBI and serving as a foundation to the JavaCAPS SOA offering from Sun, while Episode #14 covers the future of the project with GlassFish...

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EclipseLink News: Graduation, Overview, RoadMap, Enterprise Tips

EclipseLink, the JPA implementation that is being used in GlassFish v3 (related posts), just Graduated from the Incubator on its way towards a 1.0 release next week (Roadmap), very well timed for GlassFish v3 :-) In preparation for the release you may want to check Doug and Shaun's Overview at DZone. EclipseLink 1.0 should show in a GFv3 build soon; I'll check out the details and report back.

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cn.glassfish.org launched

The GlassFish community is strong in China and the potential even greater. This is why there is now a localized portal in Chinese for GlassFish - ttp://cn.glassfish.org. This is not the brute translation of some corporate page but the ongoing work of several local GlassFish enthusiasts to provide a one stop shop for the product and the community. Congratulations and good luck to them! The GlassFish Usage Map reports a rough 3x increase of actual users (unique IP hits per...

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