GlassFish in Croatia - Powering Inventory and Article Checking

Another GlassFishAdoption Story, this time in Croatia.Selmet is using GFv2 on Ubuntu with PostgreSQL to provide the backend via Web Services (using Metro) to a ruggedized Windows-based handheld (Honeywell Dolphin 7600). TheStory, Questionnaire and Case Study are full of great tidbits, including their request to become aGlassFish Partner. BTW, I'm rooting for Spain in tonight's game againstCroatia :-). The results (powered by Sun!) should be available tomorrow Here. Added - The...

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Webinar: Intro and Overview of OSGi, by Richard Hall

Richard Hall (of Apache Felix fame) will give an Introduction and Overview of OSGi tomorrow morrning - 11am PT, Wed 20th, 2008. You can join us via a concall (free if in the US, caller-paid overseas) or online via TheAquarium @ uStream.TV. For more details check out the IntroAndOverviewToOSGi page at the TheAquarium wiki. The plan (with the usual comment about mice and men) is to record the presentation. I will tag similar entries with See title="GlassFIshTV entries at TheAquarium">GlassFishTV.

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EJB3 showing strong adoption in Germany

Adam Bien reports on very nice EJB3 adoption numbers as reported by a German IT magazine survey. The choices given to participants seem quite fair and give the survey some credit IMO. I wonder how much impact Adam's consulting work and blogging has had on the result! It would been nice to be able to compare these numbers over time (say with 1 or 2 years ago). EJB 3 was a huge step in the right direction and EJB 3.1 (part of the upcoming Java EE 6) is looking at many...

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OpenMQ and Spring - More GroovyBlogs

Glenn has a follow-up writeup to OpenMQ With Grails and GlassFish where he describes >Message Driven POGOs (Plain Old Grails Object) using Spring and OpenMQ. Check out >Glen's Writeup to see how his feed/thumbnail fetcher picks and posts requests off the queues. I exchanged mail with Glen and we will try to post more about his experiences with OpenMQ, in the meantime, check title="OpenMQ entries at TheAquarium">OpenMQ.

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Facelets, Facelets! In the JSF 2.0 Repository ... and NetBeans and Eclipse

Facelets are (almost) here! TheFacelets View Definition Framework was designed to complement the JSF technology and will be added to the JSF 2.0 specification - the EDR (Expert Draft Release) actually has a placeholder for them in Chapter 10 (see JSR 314 EDR) and you can check out an earlier definition of Faceletshere witdh="6" height="6"/>. Ryan just pushed the facelets code into theMojarra (the JSF RI, part of GlassFish) repository - see Commit message ( >MarkMail Archive,J...

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GlassFish Roadmap v2.1/v3 - An update

It's time for another update on the various GlassFish releases roadmaps. Harpreet Singh has just posted a updated draft schedule for GlassFish v2.1, the next major public release of the v2 branch (as of this writing, the current public release is v2ur2). While GlassFish v2.1 is scheduled to ship in its final version in December, the team is also working on the v3 branch and will actually ship the v3 prelude release (Roadmap) in a couple of months (we just passed code freeze). L...

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