Java Technology 2005 - A Year in Review

The Java.Sun.Com folks put together an Overview of Java Technology in 2005. GlassFish got a reference; check it out!

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How to use XInclude with JAXB

The XInclude specification... ...specifies a processing model and syntax for general purpose inclusion. Inclusion is accomplished by merging a number of XML information sets into a single composite infoset... Kohsuke describes how to use XInclude and JAXB, using the XIncluder project. Note that JAXP 1.4 also supports XInclude, and I assume that there is a way to use JAXP 1.4 with JAXB to accomplish the same (Kohsuke?), but JAXP 1.4 is inMustang, whileGlassFish only relies onTige...

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Source Bundles for GlassFish builds?

There is a Forum thread asking forSources for GlassFish Builds. The sources for most of the GlassFish are available in multiple projects atJava.Net, but a consistent snapshot will make error reporting easier, and asking for interested people to use CVS tags seems quite a bit of work... The Mustang folks deliver both as part of theirbuild bundles; I'll check with several internal people and see if we can make this happen as part of the regular process for builds. Check thediscus...

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Is GlassFish for Development or for Deployment?

Cay (yep, Mr. Elvis) is posing a good question in the GlassFish forum. He builds on a previous thread and on a bug report and asks Is GlassFish a development or a deployment platform? I am with Ludo and Jerome: both. Actually that is already the case, GlassFish is used in fully deployable, enterprise-grade products (like SJS AS 8.x) and in development tools (e.g. NetBeans). But I'm sure we can do better by continuing to focus on the community. Check the details, and contribute in the discussion thread. Development, Tools, Deployment, ErrorReporting, , ,

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Build 33 also available

Since we are getting close to beta, there are two release trains. In addition to build b32b, there is also a build b33. Check Carla's blog for some details. Releases, Announcements, , ,

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GlassFish download available

GlassFishbuild 32c is now available. The GlassFish bundle is available on Solaris on Sparc, Solaris on x86, Windows, Linux, and Mac. The bugs fixed are listed here. Build 32c is part of the Milestone 5 (Beta) release which is expected to be available early Feb. The weekly promoted builds of GlassFish vary in stability but have passed a minimum level of testing, which includes the quicklook tests, a sub-set of CTS tests (representative collection of 263 J2EE 1.4 tests) and a...

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