Good Feedback and Happy Endings - The Ugly URLs

As everybody that does not live under a rock should know, we are in the middle ofintegrating Sun into Oracle, and one of the activities has been integrating the web sites. The first step was Moving the Docs, 3 weeks ago. That went pretty well... except for the ugly URLs... I'm happy to report that, thanks to Exposure andFeedback and help from KenC, SteveH, JustinK, AdamM, HenrikS and others, the problem will be solved. So, remember, yourfeedback(and your patience as we react to...

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Java SE 6 u21 is Now Available

Java SE 6 update 21 is now available (Downloads, release notes, bug fixes). This release includes performance improvements, support for Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle VM, and Google Chrome, and Visual VM 1.2.2. The Java EE SDK still includes u20; an update with u21 is tentatively scheduled for next week. The actual release was a few days ago but the official post just came out. BTW, Java SE News is now at BOC; I can't wait for BSC and BOC to be merged so we only have to track one site.

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The Big Merge - Advance Notice

Docs moved first; the next step in the consolidation of Sun.Com web assets into Oracle.Com will be a large Website Merge" On July 19th, java.sun.com, developers.sun.com, BigAdmin will move to a newly re-architected and redesigned OTN Site The new site will have 4 entry points: Java Developers, Database Admins and Developers, System Admins and Developers and Architects.  We are trying to minimize the impact but this is a big move in a pretty tight schedule, so bear with us...

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May/Jun 2010 - Java EE & GlassFish Events

Java EE 6 and GlassFish team is traveling to different cities in Jun 2010, feel free to engage with them at any of the following venues: EclipseLink Summit, Ottawa, May 25-27 Java Hot Topic: Java EE 6, EJB 3.1, and GlassFish 3, Tokyo, May 29Several speakers at Jazoon, Zurich, Jun 1-3 Java EE, OSGi, GlassFish at Über Conf, Denver, Jun 14-17GlassFish @ Alpes JUG, Paris, Jun 22GlassFish @ Geneva JUG, Geneva, Jun 23 Are you talking about Java EE or GlassFish at any local...

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Oracle Blogs, Tweeters, Feeds and Planets

Here are some useful links to Oracle-related content that I recently discovered, as seen from the perspective of a "Sun classic" Oracle employee. Start with Blogs.Oracle.Com.  I had checked it out last year and then forgot about it but I just revisited it and I found the content quite interesting. BOC covers a number of topics, from the core Oracle DB, to ADF, to CEP, and more; a few recent examples are: Update/Insert With ADF Web Service Data Control, New ADF Design Paper...

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Integrated Cloud Applications & Platform Services