Monitoring Web Services in GlassFish

Satish and Nazrul have a new TechTip. They take a previous TechTip written by Manisha that showed how towrite a Web Service using JAX-WS, and then show how to use GlassFish toMonitor Web Services using JMX andJSR 77. The TechTip is quite detailed, starting with downloading GlassFish and ending showing a trace of the Web Service. Also see the separate blog on using JMX in JAX-WS using NetBeans. And readers not familiar with JMX may want to check another TechTip:Understanding JMX...

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TechTip on JAXB 2.0 New Features, Scalability of JAXB 1.0

Kim LiChong had promised and he now has delivered a TechTip describingWhat's new in JAXB 2.0. It is a very nice note; separatedly he shows a 'gotcha' when marshalling. Check them both out! And, I noticed Kim had also written about the scalability of JAXB 1.0 on UltraSPARC T-1 showing thatJAXB and StAX can scale linearly up to 32 hardware threads. I don't see results on JAXB 2.0, but it is the same implementation and perforance teamand I know they were getting improved...

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MS Interoperability - The next PlugFest

Microsoft has announced a new Web Services Interoperability Plugfest, and Arun reports that Sun will participate with the interoperability work that will be part of GlassFish (the code will go into GlassFish after the first FCS, as it uses the improved WS stack). Also check Arun's writeup on the first interop event and my initial announcement Interoperability, , , ,

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Tracking Problems: Open Sockets, Windows Service

The TSS thread from last week had two good questions, one about the appserver as a windows service; the other regarding socket connections that are not closed. Sharan just wrote two blogs, one for each of these topics. Read about how to run SJS AS as a windows service and leaks in SJS AS. BTW, the leak in the latest GlassFish build was still being investigated. Leaks, Performance, WindowService,

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GlassFish Mom

From Kazem: GlassFish as a mother of inventions. Cartoon,

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Ask The Experts : What's New in Java WS Developers Pack 2.0

Just a reminder - this week you'll have a chance of submitting questions to the Java WSDP team about the latest release - Java WSDP 2.0. For example you might be interested in how that 'Sun / Microsoft relationship' is working out.

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