Want to Contribute to the best WS Stack?

I believe that GlassFish is putting together the best WebServices stack and doing our share in "competition is good for the customer"; check out these: • Open Source, Free, Enterprise-Quality [href="http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/theaquarium?entry=sjs_as_opensource_production_quality" title="GlassFish is OpenSource, Free, Product-Quality...">1], [href="http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/theaquarium?entry=you_can_deploy_on_the" title="You CAN deploy on the J2EE SDK">2]•...

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JAX-WS and REST, revisited

Alexander writes that there is too much manual work involved in theREST support in JAX-WS and suggests that maybe the right approach would have been to provide direct support for theHTTP binding in WSDL 1.1. Marc reply points toproblems with that approach and argues that REST might be best supported through other description languages, like WADL. Also see these other entries on REST: [ title="Publishing a RESTful Web Service">1], [ title="RESTful Web Services">2], [title="Usi...

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Xml Webservices Security 2.0 EA2

The Implementation of XML Web Services Security is undergoing a substantial rewrite to improve its performance and add new features. The new implementation first showed in JWSDP 2.0 and it is now part of the GlassFish builds and Java EE 5 SDK beta. Venu is a key contributor to the implementation; he wrote briefly about features, and now talks about how to activate the WSS optimizations. WebServicesSecurity, WSS, ,

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Build b39 - Summary

Last week we promoted title="Download Page for Build b39">b39, in the advanced (non-beta) branch (href="https://glassfish.dev.java.net/servlets/NewsItemView?newsItemID=3384" title="Announcement of Promotion">Announcement, > IssueTracker List, Bug List). Altogether 40 bugs are listed as fixed. Highlights include: • Faster parsing of web.xml and security constraints can be applied to all web-app • ADF JSF library now works on GlassFish• Servlet 2.5 features (ex:...

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New JAXB plug-in: handling of All-Caps Element Names

title="A new JAXB Plugin for All-Caps Element Names"> Nicola had a problem: his XML Schema used All-Caps element names but he really wanted JAXB classes that followed the Java Naming convention. So, he wrote a very simple plug-in for it, which Kohsuke is now going to add to JAXB Commons, joining the Fluent (or MethodChaining) API plugin. Check some more details in Kohsuke's blog entry. PlugIns, ,

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Web Services Management in GlassFish

Satish, Nazrul and Marina have written a pretty extensive 3-part article on managing and monitoring JAX-WS 2.0 web services in GlassFish. The article covers deployment and publication of services, debugging, testing, call-flow analysis, security and auditing. , ,

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