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I finally got around to updating the blogroll - sorry for the tardiness - it's been a busy couple of weeks. We have a really high bar for our blogroll :) - to qualify you need to 1. blog about the stuff we cover on The Aquarium, 2. link to us, 3. let us know (leave a comment or mail us).

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What's Up Doc? - Introducing CVS-News

One of the Key Principles of Project GlassFish is Continuous Improvement. To do that, we need to give you stable builds of our software to use... and we need to tell you what is in them. One of the tools we use to find out what went into a build is Kohsuke's latest service:cvs-news which uses simple annotations in putback comments. Check Kohsuke's blog for details. BTW, each GlassFish build has a Highlights entry in the GlassFish Wiki. Check the Entry for GF V2 M1 and stay...

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Container Automation: GlassFish vs Tomcat

This is short notice, but, this morning (9am US Pacific time)Kohsuke will present at the latest User Experience meeting. He will be discussing his recent experiences in Tool Automation on GlassFish vs Tomcat. Please consider attending, or following up on one of the email threads on this topic. Meeting logistics and future agendas are in the User Experience Wiki Page. We are still figuring out how to make these meetings as useful and practical as possible,so constructive...

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OpenSSO Web Agents and SJS AS 8.2

After aslow start, theOpen SSO project is showing it isReally Alive and it just released a number ofWeb Agents. These agents provide Authentication and Authorization for different App Servers and Web Servers. Dennis reports support for SJS AS 8.2; I'll confirm the same for SJS AS 9.0 / GlassFish. More details atDennis' blog, thehome and FAQ pages, and theProject Announcements. I expect the end-result of this and title="Middleware Open Source Communities">Related Effortswill...

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Acknowledging Contributions into JAXB RI

The JAXB 2.0 RI from Project GlassFish is widely used. That is because it is a very good implementation and the team lead by Kohsuke has built a strong community contributing to it. Contributions range from Runtime Fixes (like Myungsik Sung from TmaxSoft), to PlugIn Extensions (like Joost Cassee) to Samples (like Matthias Ernst). Community building is not cheap, but it pays off! Check Kohsuke's blog for a full list of activities he has done in the last couple of years. Community, ,

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AppFuse popular in Brazil

Edgar blogs about Matt's article on seven simple reasons to use AppFuse, an open source project which helps you develop web applications quickly. It supports several web frameworks and two persistence framerworks. AppFuse also runs on GlassFish V1 [1], [2] release. Edgar says that there is alot of talk about AppFuse in Brazil. Web, Brazil

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