Yet another Java EE 6 book

We have a new Java EE 6 book in store! This one from Packt Publishing is called "Java EE 6 Development with NetBeans 7" by David Heffelfinger who is also author of Java EE 5 and GlassFish books.

This book holds a step-by-step book documention all of the Java EE 6 features and APIs (including CDI) using the IDE with the best Java EE out-of-the-box experience : NetBeans 7. It uses GlassFish as the default container and PrimeFaces as a JSF component suite.

Book Cover

We've covered several Java EE and GlassFish books before and I can't help but think that given writing books never helped authors retire early, having so many good books on Java EE 6 says something about its success among developers.


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