XWiki on GlassFish v3


The top 3 Java-Based Wikis out there are (alphabetically) Confluence, Apache JSPwiki and XWiki. I've been using the first two for a bit via wikis.sun.com and GlassFish Wiki and OpenSolaris.ORG is about to use XWiki ([1], [2], [3])...

Which makes Alexis's posts on XWiki very timely. In these two posts ([1], [2]) Alexis shows how to use the embedded API in GlassFish v3 Prelude to create a 24MB (GFv3) + 40MB (XWiki) download image that will just add one second to the base XWiki startup and has low footprint.

It seems a pretty compelling arrangement. We have already seen it in several Sun-led (OpenSSO, WebSynergy) and non-Sun-led (Liferay, ehCache Server) projects we have mentioned in the past. I expect to see more of them in the future...


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