WSIT (Project Tango) Milestone 2 Now Available

WSIT (Project Tango) is celebrating their second milestone. You can download it now from here and it will be part of GF V2 M2 later this month. This is a major stabilizing release, providing much better integration with Microsoft's implementations. The team has written a number of blogs covering the technologies:

A Roman Milestone

• Harold, the technical lead, provides an Introduction and Overview.
•  Mike has been leading and covers Reliable Messaging.
•  Sekhar does the same on Data Binding, which is particularly delicate given that three languages are involved: XML Schema, C# and Java.
•  Fabian talks about WS Policy, which is fundamental in describing the properties of the endpoints.
•  Arun describes the latest developments in WS-Addressing, which is used to describe EndPoint References
•  Bobby's blog is on Meta-Data Exchange (MEX) which is used to obtain the WSDL and Schema for an endpoint.

Check the tutorial (to be updated), the home page, and provide feedback through the Forum or the Mailing List. BTW, Microsoft recently provided assurances to the community regarding implementing these specifications.


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