Wonseok Kim - New Committer at TopLink Essentials

Let's get going Duke

The TopLink Essentials committers have approved Wonseok Kim as a new committer. We used a strawman approval process: Tom Ware was the advocate and submitted Wonseok's name and provided context, the TLE committers voted, and Tom carried the count and reported on the results.

TopLink Essentials is the Reference Implementation of the Java Persistence API, a project in the GlassFish Community. TLE is gaining good adoption and it runs with at least these containers: GlassFish (v1 and v2), SunAS 9.0, OracleAS, Spring 2.0, JEUS 6 and EasyBeans. The volume on its mailing list has been growing nicely in recent months.

Wonseok is our first committer outside of the original committers from Oracle and Sun. A very warm welcome.


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