What Should be in the Update Center?

ScreenShot of UpdateCenter

John started a mail thread soliciting feedback on what would you like to see in the UpdateCenter. Would you want to see runtime templates? Frameworks? Applications? Training materials? Something else?

For context, check out the introductions by Nazrul and Alexis, the Getting Started page from the UC wiki, and Old TA entries covering the topic.


Well it would be nice:

1) Update center should properly detect existing open-esb installs done by the netbeans6 installer. If you chose to install glassfishv2 and open-esb with your netbeans6 install, the update center will show an empty page under the "currently installed" tab. It is much worse, however, if you download the j2ee application platform sdk w/tools installer. Again, IIRC, it only recognizes that one out of five of the bundled components are installed. This is bad, obviously, due to the likelihood of package clobbering. I dunno what needs to be done to make this happen, but getting this little issue fixed would be nice.

2) Better integration with the NetBeans6 update center. It would be nice (tm) to update glassfish inside netbeans, especially if it was bundled.

Posted by Nicholas Wourms on November 23, 2007 at 10:25 AM PST #

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