What's new in OpenMQ 4.3? UMS!

UMS Architecture

Going back a little bit to the GlassFish v2.1 release (January 2009), if you're into JMS (the most under-used Java EE technology IMO) it's important to notice that OpenMQ 4.3 is now shipping with this latest version of the application server (full documentation here). The most obvious new feature listed in the Release Notes is UMS (Universal Message Service).

Universal Message Service (UMS) is documented here and offers access to Message Queue from any HTTP client. OpenMQ ships with C#, Python and Ajax examples which are also featured in this nice screencast demo (last in the series of videos). Performance-wise, UMS is not a replacement to the existing C and Java APIs but still a nice addition to GlassFish 2.1 and MQ 4.3.

OpenMQ was recently highlighted on The Aquarium TV (archive). You can find a quick overview of version 4.3 (and what led to this release) on the GlassFish Podcast in episode #26. Also, make sure you listen to Linda's "Santa Claus" presentation in the following episode (#27). Well worth the time for anyone interested in JMS architectures.


After reading this post I tried it and I wanted to mention for a few weeks that one has to be careful to use the right context root (which was ums or me, but take a look in web.xml), and that more importainly, UMS operates physical queues which usually differ from Glassfish queues by "Physical" prefix. If one specifies a non-existent destination it is just created silently and nothing else happens in the application.

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