What's New in CDI 1.1?

Introduced in Java EE 6, CDI is clearly a key API to standardize dependency injection in enterprise Java. A lot of the work related to CDI in Java EE now involves treating CDI as an effective mechanism for unifying the Java EE component model and aligning others specs around it to make for a more cohesive platform. Examples of this on-going effort in Java EE 7 includes aligning the JSF component model/scoping to CDI, decoupling declarative transactions from the EJB component model through the JTA 1.2 @Transactional CDI interceptor, modernizing the JMS 2 API utilizing CDI, better support for CDI in Bean Validation 1.1 and many others.

CDI 1.1 itself is a point release that has a relatively long list of smaller but nonetheless important fixes and enhancements. In a recent blog post, CDI 1.1 specification lead Pete Muir does a good job of listing out the changes. The post is especially valuable for the referenced links that you can dig into to see if any of the changes are immediately useful to you if you have adopted CDI already.


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