What can YOU do with a SIP Servlet? SunLab's Conference Manager

SailFin Duke

Here is an example of why should you care about Ericsson Contribution to the GlassFish Community, even if you are not a telco operator: Sun Lab's Conference Manager.

This Web Application uses GlassFish and a prototype of JSR 289 manages, monitors and participates in conference calls exploiting both AJAX and SIP support. Check the screencast and the SailFin Web Site and WIki page. And thanks to Joe for the tip.


Very cool ... A dream come true!

Posted by M. Mortazavi on May 17, 2007 at 09:49 AM PDT #

I think that SailFin is completely more mind bending than people are giving credit to, mostly because of who's behind it. Ericsson announced acquisition of Tandberg Television a little while ago, and Tandberg acquired N2BB a bit before that. This puts Ericsson in a development situation for a lot of cable television systems back end servers. Imagine being able to use SIP signaling so when your home phone rings, it sends a SMS to your cell phone, a popup to your OCAP cable box, and rings simultaneously to your Gizmo Project soft phone. When you pick up your phone call from... wherever... your set top box mutes and incoming phone calls to other devices are automagically sent to voicemail. It's a trip to see cisco and motorola going down the same road, but I'm glad that Ericsson had the foresight to donate the project to the community.

Posted by Mike Danko on May 18, 2007 at 02:40 AM PDT #

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