GlassFish in 2010 - What a year!


A lot has happened over the past 12 months! For the GlassFish team as for many people that came from Sun, it's been a challenging, yet exciting year.

It all started in January with the EU finally agreeing to the Sun acquisition by Oracle and a first set of changes. Later in March the GlassFish roadmap committed Oracle to the open source project with multiple supported releases in the next few years (with additional heads in the team).

Later that year, the external contributions from the community increased significantly and by June the team had released the "100-day" (Oracle-branded) 3.0.1 release, right in time for the 5-year celebration of GlassFish (with five years of TheAquarium soon after).

While re-stating the commercial strategy for GlassFish, the team worked hard on releasing no less than seven 3.1 milestones, producing and aggregating screencasts. This all lead up to the JavaOne conference with very nice reference customers, clear direction for GlassFish from top-level Oracle management and overal momentum throughout the conference. In Java SE land, "Plan B" was shared with the community.

With Java EE momentum building up, GlassFish was busy with the 3.1 work, adapting to the new infrastructure, and adopting new HTML 5 features. In the meantime OpenJDK, the JCP and others made the news with IBM joining OpenJDK, followed by Apple soon after with JCP elections and JSR votes confirming the proposed roadmap (JavaSE 7 mid-2011).

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