Forrester on App Servers (GlassFish, JBoss, Oracle ...)


I had missed the latest report by Forrester on Application Server Platforms (Q3 2007) but somebody pointed it out earlier today. Arun already wrote about the punchline but I wanted to add some quotes and pointers ...

Below are links to some excerpts with some selected quotes; for more details, you can buy the complete report from Forrester. Also check out the related SearchWebServices.COM interview with Rob.

• BEA - ... Provides a Solid Platform with Good Features
• IBM - ... Except For Its High Costs
• Oracle - ... A Strong, Competitive Alternative to the Traditional Leaders
• Red Hat/JBoss - ...Has To Catch Up
&bull SAP - ... Lags Behind The Pack
• Sun - What a Difference 18 Months Makes!



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