Welcoming WiseMan to the GlassFish community

Personification of wisdom statue

WiseMan, the WS-Management Java implementation has now become a part of Metro (the GlassFish Web Services stack) community. WiseMan provides both client and server side APIs for building Manageable applications.

Jean-Fran├žois Denise is reporting on the road traveled to provide the WS-Man implementation and make fit best into the existing Metro technology. The Web Services Connector for JMX builds on top of WiseMan to provide connection with WS-Man client tools such as Windows Remote Management much like OpenDMK is a window to the SNMP world.

"What's the relationship to GlassFish?" you may ask. Well, by deploying the Web Services Connector for JMX in GlassFish, all the existing MBeans (such as those defined by AMX, by JSR 77, and by you) are automatically exposed as WS-Management resources. Clearly, the key feature of WiseMan is interoperability.

For the Web Services savvy, Jean-Fran├žois' entry is buzzword compliant and a very good read (WS-Addressing, Push mode, security, etc...). WiseMan's homepage is at wiseman.dev.java.net. Version 1.0 requires Java SE 5+ or above and JAX-WS 2.1.1.


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