Week Highlights - MySQL, Java Hosting, OpenSSO, Grizzly, JXTA, Jersey, JSON, OpenDS...

News Summary - Feb 25th to Mar 2nd, 2008

This week, the MySQL Acquisition Closed, LinuxInsider writes "Sun, Open Source Standard Bearer" and it is time for MySQL and Sun (Classic) to Learn From Each Other.

Let's Going Duke

• MySQL and Sun Synergy - Industry Initiatives in Education and Health.
• OpenDS - OpenDS 1.0 M1
• OpenSSO - Build 3 Available and InfoCard Extensions
• Web.Next - Grizzly and JXTA and Better JSON in Jersey
• GlassFish v2.1/SailFin - IzPak for SailFin and Vote on Bugs!
• Towards JavaEE 6 - EJB 3.1 Early Draft
• Web Services - SOAP Security
• Misc - GF Jobs

And, finally, check out Where to Host Java and add your thoughts.


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