Week Highlights - Holidays, Jersey, Metro, SPECweb2005, Production-Ready ...

I've not done a Weekly since Dec 23rd due to the Holiday Break (Bon Nadal!). Many people Took the Break but the is still plenty of content:


• Hudson - News Roundup, Works Like a Charm and You can Help.
• Web.Next - jMaki with Jersey, Social Network Bundle and a RESTful Toolkit
• HowTo - Using Metro, LifeRay, Continuum, Spring 2.5 and Mod_Proxy
• Advocacy - New GUG, Atlanta and Sydney, Comet and Grizzly Slides and the GAP Program
• Adoption - Kind Words, December Stats and GF blogs Around the World
• Ready for Production - Overwiew, Migration and new SPECweb2005 Record
• Future - GFv3 Map, New gem and Podcast, HK2 and NB6 and Sailfin M3
• New Releases - JDK 6 U4 and JSF Components from Woodstock and Manor Rock
• Misc - A Troubleshooting Guide and Reducing CO2


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