WebSphere with JavaEE 5 Support - 11 Products in the Parade!

I've been waiting for a Press Release from IBM announcing the actual event - maybe it will be this next week, but I'm timing out...


IBM's WebSphere 7.0 joins the parade of JavaEE 5 Compatible Products: 11 products from ASF, IBM, Kingdee, NEC, BEA/Oracle, SAP, Sun and TmaxSoft. Check IBM's Announcement Letter, an overview Screencast, the overview Article, and the Websphere Community blog.

Several IBM engineers hosted an online chat last week (intro, transcript); there is also a trial version available. I believe "trial" refers to the evaluation license (i.e. not free right-to-use); since IBM's Letter gave a GA of last Friday it should be the final bits.

Although I sympathize with Alexis, this announcement pretty much completes the industry switch to JavaEE 5 that we started with the GlassFish v1 announcement in May 2006. Now just waiting for JBoss 5, that would make a nice 3x4 tableau.


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