Web Services Comparison Matrix Updated with GlassFish Implementation

XML Duke

The Apache Wiki has a Web Services stack comparison table and Arun has updated it with information on the GlassFish implementation (thanks to Dims for the invitation). I have a biased perspective, but I believe our implementation is industry-leading and is just getting better. And this is without considering performance, where I expect us to excel: New WS in GF V2, Async Support.

Interoperability (Project Tango) is another strong feature in GlassFish and, coincidentally, The Server Side has an interview with Microsoft’s Jorgen Thelin talking about the Interop Plugfests. Arun just wrote about the interview in his blog, and so did Jorgen - and check this nice closeup of the interop scorecard.

For more information on our WS stack, check Arun's blog and look in earlier More TA entries.


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