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The web admin console is often mentioned (in our "stories" for instance) as a strong feature of GlassFish but the team doesn't want to stand still and is looking at evolving the console as part of GlassFish v3 (due later this year) and is asking for feedback.

The expected benefits are a more modern look and feel, bookmarkable pages, better performance, and a more extensible design to allow for customizations and more community contributions. Feature-wise, the document discusses deployment of non-war artifacts, Scripting support (monitoring of the jruby container for instance), grizzly configuration and more.

Feedback is expected before March 23rd, 2009 and should be shared on the GlassFish Forum. This has an impact on more than just GlassFish App Server so if you're a WebSpace user, a GlassFish ESB user, or an ISV building on top of GlassFish, make yourself heard!


We have a glassfish web admin console at 4848 that is not prompting for user/password and I can't find why (although there is an admin/password defined). Searching and googling, it seems there is a "Don't prompt" option at installation time, but there is no visible configuration at the web admin console about this and no explanation in the docs about how to change it. The glassfish was installed by Sun people but I can't go on in production due this 4848 no password opened port.

Posted by Jose Negreira on March 21, 2009 at 12:11 PM PDT #

Are you using V2 or v3 Prelude ?
If you are using v3 Prelude, there is one default user -- anonymous with no password required. Thats why no login screen is displayed.
You can create one more admin user, once you do that, login will be required. And it is up to you whether you want to remove this anonymous user or not.
To create another admin user, go to
Configuration -> Security -> Realms -> admin-realm
click the "Manage User" button to add another user. Make sure that the group specified is "asadmin".
After the user is created, you will notice the 'Logout' button in the header and when you logout, you will see the login screen requiring you to login from that time on.

Posted by Anissa Lam on March 21, 2009 at 02:24 PM PDT #

in fact I'm using GF V2.1, and I've already defined a user admin at asadmin group in "admin-realm", but it still not asking for authentication.
The point is that going to the web admin console at 4848 at the top indicates:
User: Domain: domain1 Server: ...the ip
it's like the user be blank.
If I try go to "Domain" -> "Diagnostic", appears a message that confidential data is being generated by the report and that I should use "create-password-alias" and "set" to hide them

confidential properties

and then, if I go to "Domain" -> "Administrator password" and thry to setup a new password
User ID <blank>
Group list: asadmin
new password:
confirm new password:

an error message appears:
The user name can't be empty

I don't know where to check if the installation option "Don't prompt" was used or not, and where to fill in this empty used ID at domain1.

Posted by Jose Negreira on March 23, 2009 at 01:03 AM PDT #

It was due the configuration in the file
that was giving acces to all:
permission java.security.AllPermission;
so, removing this line and restarting the domain
then the web console asks for user/passd.

Posted by Jose Negreira on March 28, 2009 at 06:56 AM PDT #

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