Wanted - Your Suggestions for TheAquarium Online

This week was the tenth "webinar" at TheAquarium Online - or 32, if you count each of the GFv3 Prelude Launch Event presentations separately.


The full set of presentations is:

OSGi Overview
Grizzly and Grizzly 2
EJB 3.1
SocialSite and OpenSocial

Many Languages, One Machine
GFv3 Prelude Overview in Spanish
GFv3 Prelude Special Event
Scripting in GFv3 Prelude
Seam and GlassFish

The format of the event has evolved over time and I'm now selecting a topic and then arranging a set of several shorter presentations and/or speakers around it (like with Seam and GlassFish). We record all the presentations and publish the slidedecks and screencasts. I think the arrangement is working well; but we are always interested in your comments. felt

Also, if you have suggestions for topics, please add them as comments to the Ideas and Suggesions page in our Wiki.



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