VRaptor 4: A CDI Based MVC Framework for Java EE

As you may know one of the surprising results of the Java EE 8 survey was the desire for an action oriented MVC framework for Java EE. What many folks may not be aware is that there are actually a few action oriented web framework solutions out there that are already very aligned with Java EE. One such solution that really stands out is VRaptor.

Built on top of CDI, it has some very interesting defaults geared towards ease-of-use/productivity. It also supports key Java EE APIs such as JPA and JTA. To build a bit more awareness for the web framework, key commiter Rodrigo Turini recently wrote an excellent article on InfoQ. It is a very well-written article that serves as a good getting started guide with the innovative framework. Rodrigo will also be talking about VRaptor 4 at JavaOne 2014.

Jersey MVC has also long provided a very similar action oriented solution based on top of JAX-RS. All of these solutions could certainly be used now and serve as valuable input to any future effort to standardize an action oriented web framework in Java EE.


Nice! We've been using VRaptor for quite a long time here at Caelum!

We released an open source Q&A web application written in VRaptor 4 recently: http://www.mamute.org/

I think VRaptor 4 may be a step toward developing a specification for Java EE in the future!

Posted by Chico Sokol on July 14, 2014 at 11:44 AM PDT #

Thanks for the information, I will try VRaptor. Make a standard action MVC in Java EE 8 based on these good frameworks.

Posted by guest on July 15, 2014 at 03:45 AM PDT #

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