VisualVM 1.0 Now Available!


VisualVM 1.0 is Now Available! VisualVM is a GUI-based, extensible, monitoring and performance analysis tool that is the next generation to the older, mostly CLI-based, tools in Sun's JDK distribution.

VisualVM is part of the latest JDK: JDK 6 Update 7 (DZone, OnTheRecord, download) but it can monitor older JVMs.

Plug-ins are key to the success of VisualVM. They can be loaded directly from the tool and the current list includes a JConsole Container Plugin (for backward compatiblity), and Plugins for GlassFish, BTrace and a Thread Dump Analyzer.

For more information check out:

VisualVM home site, ScreenCast at JavaOne, Features.
• Plugins: web page, Docs.
• Overviews at InfoQ and DZone
• Overview/Intro Blogs: Octavian, Luis-Miguel
• Regular bloggers in the topic include Luis-Miguel and Geertjan


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