Video interviews of project Fuji leads

InformIT interview

InformIT recently released a two-part interview of Andi Egloff and Keith Babo on Project Fuji and OpenESB. Each part, conducted by Ted Neward, is under 10 minutes and topics covered ranged from value of an ESB and the JBI standard as they are implemented today in OpenESB.

It then gets into how Project Fuji offers to integrate into existing development paradigms and reasons for using OSGi (and how it integrates with JBI). Finally, the discussion focuses on the DSL introduced with project Fuji, a standalone (javacc-based) language to express many powerful integration patterns.

While project Fuji is still a research project, I think it's fair to say that we're hoping that most of the working going on there will become OpenESB 3.0. If you find this interesting, make sure you listen to the monthly OpenESB Innovation Series.


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