Verifier - Now a good time to join the effort

The verifier is a very nice piece of technology that helps many users fix their Java EE coding and packaging issues. There's been some interest from the community recently for potential contributions, so we've created a dedicated mailing list for this

Now would be a good time to look into this technology (look for the bin/verifier tool in every GlassFish/Java EE SDK distribution). One of my favorite existing feature is the possibility to run a subset of tests (say EJB 3.0 persistence tests, Web tests, WebServices tests, etc...). Sahoo is coordinating the effort to improve this tool. Remember contributions could be eligible for the GAP.

The verifier tool is available as a command-line tool, as an ANT task, as part of the deployment process, as well as in NetBeans.


Verifier already has an option where you can specify which area to be covered. verifier --help shows this:
-a|--app : Run only the Application tests
-A|--appclient : Run only the Application Client tests
-c|--connector : Run only the Connector tests
-e|--ejb : Run only the EJB tests
-w|--web : Run only the Web tests
-s|--webservices : Run only the WebServices tests
-l|--webservicesclient : Run only the WebServicesClient tests
-P|--persistence : Run only the EJB 3.0 persistence tests


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Right. That's what I meant. Let me re-phrase the post.

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