Using Hibernate and Spring with GlassFish


Just a few days ago Matt Raible said that GlassFish isn't as good as Geronimo or JBoss because it didn't support Spring or Hibernate. That was a challenge for Jerome and in his latest blog he gives detailed instructions on how to run Spring on GlassFish, and also dwells into Hibernate.

Inspired by Jerome, Mr. Vince then dug into the details for the special case of Equinox and GlassFish.

There has been some discussions on the forum about this too along with Sahoo's blog as to when Hibernate and GlassFish work together. Both Ludo and I have blogged that Hibernate works SJSAS 8.1, the code base from which GlassFish started. Currently, Jerome is working with Emanuel Bernard to get EJB 3.0 features working with GlassFish. Bottom line, it can be done but it's not easy, yet. The EJB 3.0 specification and therefore the implementations are still changing so there will be some bumps and challenges until the spec settles down.


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