Reduce your Bandwidth Usage by Half, and other Reasons to Upgrade to GlassFish version 2

Get yourself an upgrade!

Upgrading can be troublesome and human being are reluctant to change by nature, but sometimes it's just too good to miss out. Glen Smith is reporting why and how HTTP Compression Support and much improved virtual domains made the difference for him.

If you're concerned with preserving your GlassFish configuration, you should read Shalini's GlassFish upgrade story.

Other new GlassFish v2 Web Container features (Comet, WebDAV, SSL non-blocking nio, Asynchronous Request Processing and a lot more) are listed here. While Grizzly and more generally the Web Container have had substantial improvements, Clustering is probably the most important new feature in GlassFish version 2.

Whatever your favorite feature, make sure you try the beta version and report your experience.


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