Updates of Popular GF Bundles - Liferay 4.4.1 and v3 Ruby GEM


Updates to two popular GlassFish-based bundles. The GF v3 Gem now has a a Bug Fix Update (v0.1.1); Pramod also includes plans for v0.1.2. The second is Liferay 4.4.1, also mostly bug fixes.

I enjoy data mining, so I poked around a bit at the download stats. The GF-based Liferay bundles have been increasing, from 5.4% in 4.3.0 to 15.1% in 4.4.1. And, since JBoss Portal 2.6.4 released the exact same day as Liferay 4.4.1, a comparison between the two was easy: 3778 for Liferay and 1053 for JBoss Portal.


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