Updated Repositories for GFv3 Prelude

GlassFish v3 is not just modular but the components can be updated through IPS-based UpdateCenter machinery. The Update Center team has been evolving tracking the IPS changes and adding refinements of their own; newer releases, like GFv3Preview, have been running recent UC, but the repositories for GFv3Prelude were running an older version of UC.

Last week the Glassfish team pushed Update Center Toolkit 2.2u2 to the Prelude repositories. In normal conditions you should not notice the change but if you visit the repository directly you will see new graphics and additional facilities (like package search) plus improved performance and metrics.

GFv3 FCS is around the corner and we are seeing very high interest in the release. At that point we expect the bulk of the GlassFish downloads to switch to being served from the IPS repositories - and we will find out if our capacity planning has been accurate :-)


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