Updated OpenDS Roadmap - And Russian Dolls for the Geek

OpenDS on a VirtualBox

Ludo just posted an OpenDS Roadmap to the USERS alias. The latest OpenDS 1.0 builds (b12, b11, etc) are looking very good, so the plan is for a Milestone 1 within the next few days, a M2 in a month, and an official 1.0 release in May 2008 - which, by a coincidence, is also when J1 2008 happens :-)

Check out the road map and provide feedback on all aspects, including critical issues in b12 and the initial cut at the OpenDS 2.0 features.

I have not posted on OpenDS in a bit so here are some highlights I've noticed:

• Continued progress on documentation: see a Summary of 2007 Activity.
• Helping contributions: Wiki page on How to Build and Run OpenDS within NetBeans (also see Mark and Ludo commentary).
• A lot of work on performance - for example, see this note on Search Performance.
• And, for extra points, OpenDS and VirtualBox: OpenDS on OpenSolaris on VirtualBox on MacOS X 10.5.2 on MacBook Pro.

Virtualization - Russian Dolls for geeks :-)



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