Updated GlassFish RoadMaps

Work in Progress Sign

Anybody that has been in the software industry for any time knows that roadmaps are always "work in progress". With that caveat, here are the latest news:

• GFv2 UR2, this Thursday (wiki page, Msg)
• GFv2.1, moved out to Fall 08 (wiki page, Harpreet's blog, Msg)
• GFv3 TP2, JavaOne 08 (wiki page)

GFv2 UR2 has a bunch of bug fixes so you should consider it if you are using GFv2. GFv2.1 will continue to be aligned and driven by Sailfin.

GFv3 TP2 is a "Technology Preview" release; we will provide a sneak peak at CommunityOne and will be demoed at JavaOne.

Added - GFv2 UR2 has been pushed out til Monday.


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