Update Center module writting 101

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Jim Driscoll has a detailed blog entry on how to use the API's available to the GlassFish Update Center developer. This applies to the current GlassFish v2 update center. Make sure you check it out using GLASSFISH_INSTALL/updatecenter/bin/updatetool. Today, you'll find Jersey, Spring, OpenESB, Portlet container, and more.

Jim's blog entry is an expansion of earlier blogs and depending on how sophisticated you want your module to be, Jim's walks you through how to modify a GlassFish install using the addon module APIs. This let's you access the GlassFish file hierarchy as well as the critical domain.xml configuration file. You can also write the uninstalled part.

In GlassFish v3 the update center is already playing a bigger role as even the admin console itself is downloaded on demand using this facility.


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