Understanding the Caching of TopLink Essentials (Project GlassFish)

Picture of TopLink Cache Architecture

The implementation of Java Persistence API at Project GlassfiFish is TopLink Essentials. Caching is a key feature in any practical implementation of Java Persistence and Wonseok (from TmaxSoft) has just posted a detailed desciption of How Caching works in TopLink Essentials.

TopLink Essentials is used in a number of commertial distributions of GlassFish including Sun (SJS AppServer 9.0 and NetBeans), TmaxSoft (JEUS 6), and Oracle, the original contributor of the technology (see Doug's recent entry on the Previews of OC4J and JDeveloper).


Wonseok updated a couple of details in the description but he had to create a new entry / URL. I've updated the link in the article to point to the updated entry - eduard/o

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