UDDI Registry and Java WSDP? - And welcome to Ramesh!

The WS and XML Duke

The new Java WSDP 2.0 requires J2SE 5.0 (to support annotations). In the JWSDP users list, George Orient complaints that UDDI registry is no longer available. Specifically, he points out that (a) the UDDI registry is not included in JWSDP 2.0, and (b) the suggested workaround is to use the registry from earlier versions but, (c) the release notes indicate that the a different machine should be used. Of course, in a classroom situation, having two machines is out of the question. So...

Ramesh is finding out more details (I suspect there is no real reason to require two separate machines - we will see). And this is a good moment to welcome Ramesh as a blogger. Ramesh is a really good engineer that is very dedicated to his customers; looking forward to his contributions, including a resolution to this registry thread.

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