New GlassFish Podcasts - Fuji and OpenESB

GlassFish podcast

After a short hiatus, the GlassFish Podcast has two new episodes from a presentation delivered at the recent GlassFish Day at the Jazoon conference. The speaker is Andreas Egloff (a fellow editor on TheAquarium), and the topics are OpenESB and Project Fuji.

Episode #13 covers the existing OpenESB technology and community building on top of JBI and serving as a foundation to the JavaCAPS SOA offering from Sun, while Episode #14 covers the future of the project with GlassFish v3, OSGi, JBI and a DSL.

The podcast has the traditional syndication link, a one-click subscribe link for iTunes, but you can also simply search for "glassfish" on the iTunes online store if that's your software of choice.


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