Twitter and GlassFish News

Over the last months we have been increasing our activity at Twitter and I think we will be ready to start using it more widely during our GlassFish v3 launch.  The main news account moving forward is going to be glassfish. We are still finalizing the details, but the intention is that you can stay informed of all key GlassFish news if you follow @glassfish - in particular, @glassfish tweets will include links to TheAquarium posts and others.  The main tag will be #glassfish, usage conventions TBD.

No major changes with our personal "tweeting"; several of us (alexis, arun, john, me, others) have been doing it for a bit and will continue to do so; we will figure out a convention so relevant key posts flow automatically to @glassfish w/o overloading the account.

The @theaquarium twitter account will continue, but focused strictly on reposting TA news.

We are also considering different ideas about the use of geotags since the support is beginning to appear in several clients, including Bing and Google.  I'm sensitive about the privacy issue and I'm personally going to use it in a post-by-post basis and at low resolution, but the feature seems useful to build community.


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