Trends in GlassFish Adoption - Indeed Jobs, GeoMap and Google Keyword Searches

Time for an update on a few Adoption Metrics.


The GeoMap now has data up til May 2008. The map now records 3,283,340 separate "Admin Pings" corresponding to 375,828 different IP addresses representing live GlassFish Server instances. Check previous entries for the applicable disclaimers. is an online job aggregator and provide job trend data. GlassFish jobs are still a small number but they are growing fast, see live and snapshot.

Google continues their traditional Term Search Trend (Live, Snapshot) and also has a new Website Trend. The latter only shows all of Java.Net but also shows common terms searched - more on that later.


In my opinion, Glassfish is the "only" open source javaee 5 application server that can be chosen at this moment. I won't choose geromino because I heard very little about it. I don't choose jboss 4.2, jboss5 beta nor jonas 5 rc because they're not stable yet or doesn't support all javaee 5 features (e.g. jboss 4.2).

But, if some glassfish + idea expert can write a short tutorial about running / debugging a javaee application in glassfish in idea (both version 7 & 8), then I think there'll be more people choosing glassfish (at least me :) ). At this time, I can sometimes run / debug a javaee app in glassfish with idea 7 (I still don't know why I cannot some other times), but I can always run/debug the same javaee in jboss 4.2 with idea 7.

Posted by Thai Dang Vu on June 25, 2008 at 11:29 PM PDT #

Have you tried posting your questions to the Glassfish forum? I can't imagine why Idea would have such issues with Glassfish, once it's started with --debug.

Maybe its classpath problems with the IDE configuration.

Posted by Will Hartung on June 26, 2008 at 01:52 AM PDT #

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