Top 10 reasons for open source success - How does GlassFish stack up?

In a somewhat subtle self-promoting exercise has an interesting post called "Top ten reasons why I won’t use your open source project" and while it somewhat applies to smaller, younger projects, I thought I'd benchmark GlassFish on those reasons.


1. You don’t have a friggin’ Readme
Well technically it's true, we don't have a README! On the other hand we have full documentation, including a "getting started" document. What do you think, do we need a README? File an RFE if you feel strongly about this.

2. You don’t include tests, specs, features, examples
Tests are here and here, specs are there, features over here and examples are bundled with the product.

3. You have no project home page (new home) or as an even shorter address.

4. You need design help
We all do, don't we? At least I'm hoping the main page looks half descent and useful.

5. You don’t have a domain name!

6. You don’t have a Twitter Account
We do! But we're so old (fashioned) that we also have a blog.

7. Your licensing is unclear
legal/LICENSE.txt in the product, LICENSE link from the main homepage.

8. You don’t reach out to me
Some of the ways we try to : Webinars, Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, our own podcast and participation to forums (ours, and others).

9. You don’t speak about your project at conferences and meetups
Our events calendar speaks for itself I hope.

10. You didn’t submit it to The Changelog
Ok, that we didn't do and I think we can get away with that.

Of course, the quality of the product seems to be an obvious reason missing from the lists above. So how do you think we stack up?


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