To ssh or not to ssh? (with GlassFish 3.1)


With GlassFish 3.1, a good deal of the centralized administration (one of the corner-stones of clustering) seem to depend on the use of SSH. In a recent blog post, Joe Di Pol discusses the benefits of relying on SSH but also ways to work around it if your environment doesn't offer easy SSH configuration.

The blog is really a technical article that walks you through the basics of SSH if you're not fully familiar with it yet, and how to set it up (including the authentication part) on environments such as windows where such things don't come as easy as on other operating systems.

One of the neat things ssh enables is remote installation of GlassFish instances (asadmin install-node) and nodes (asadmin create-node-ssh). It also covers how you can do without SSH and yet still be able to talk to remote instances. So be sure to bookmark Joe's post if you're at all interested in GlassFish clustering.


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