Thursday GlassFish v2 News Roundup

Photo of a Replica of the Santa Maria

Here are some of the news related to our GlassFish v2 launch from the last day or so. Also check day 1, day 2 and day 3.

Added: Also see [day 5] and [day 6].

Current plan is to do a recap of the responses over the weekend and then go back to our normal reporting.

GlassFish v2 ( - Sweden)
Sun atualiza seu servidor de aplicações (Maurício Martins Marques - Brazil)
GlassFish v2 Ships (Enterprise Architecture)
GlassFish 2 vs. Tomcat 6 (Matt Raible)
GlassFish v2 (
Sun veröffentlicht GlassFish V2 (Der Entwickler)
Glassfish v2 mit Cluster-Funktion (
Glassfish v2 mit Cluster-Funktion (
Suns versterkt Java-applicatieserver (ActueelNieuswOnline.NL)
Релиз открытого Java EE 5 сервера приложений GlassFish V2 (OpenNet.RU)
La version majeure Glassfish v2 est disponible (Develppez.COM, France)
Sun : le retour du serveur d'applications GlassFish en version 2 (Silicon.FR, France)
Java EE 5 SDK Update 3 (SDN'sider)


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