Thumper is out... Sun Fire X4500 and Friends announced today

Sun Fire X4500

Every now and then we can't resist to include some news that are arguably not directly related to the communities we cover... and today is the day for Thumper and Friends. Check Jonathan's preannouncement, today's announcement, Vivek's blog and the SuperComputing Online article.

I find Thumper (Sun Fire x4500) particularly interesting; it uses ZFS to deliver reliable storage on top of very cheap SATA disks. High throughput, very dense, very cheap; 24TB in a 4U configuration! Way to go, Andy!.

Added: Also check the aggregation of 42 Thumpers at TSUBAME here and here.


... and if just imagining what you could do with 24tb of storage, Chandan puts it into perspective :

Posted by Rich Sharples on July 12, 2006 at 06:09 AM PDT #

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