Three in One Day: Java EE SDK, Java Application Platform SDK and Sun Web Developer Pack

Duke for GlassFish v2

I only have time for a quick blog, but I don't want to wait til tomorrow to point out that yesterday we took advantage of the release of GlassFish v2 beta1 to release several bundles expanding it.

More tomorrow, but here are a few good links:

The Sun Web Developer Pack (I shorten it to Sun WDP) includes several Web 2.0 tools including jMaki, Dynamic Faces, Phobos, Rome, WADL, and a REST API. It has been tested with GlassFish and with Tomcat. Check Arun's overview and Dave's comments.

GlassFish v2 beta1 is available in two main bundles, Java EE 5 SDK Update 3 and Java Application Platform SDK Update 3 both available at the Download Page. Check Inder's announcement, and his followup where he explains the differences.



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