New Tools for TheAquarium: Twitter and Weekly News Summary

I've added a couple of new twists to the coverage of GlassFish News at TheAquarium to do a better job while controlling our time investment:

• I've started posting short news posts to my twitter feed as I encounter them;
   also tweeting are Frank, Giuseppe, Andi, Binod and AlexisMP.
• Nobody is tweeting at TheAquarium, but...
   if you want to follow the tweets from the editors, use @theaquarium/editors.
• We will continue doing the usual spotlights posts as time permits,
• I'll do a weekly summary of news uncovered in the spotlights,

I've also started using ScribeFire to reduce the cost of creating posts, but this should be transparent to the readers.

Reporting on news is a losing battle, but I'm hoping that this approach will keep TheAquarium the best source for news on the (larger) GlassFish community while giving the editors a bit more "free" time to invest in other tasks.


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