And the Winner of the AppServer Race will be...? You! If you participate!

Horse Racing

Project GlassFish seems to continue to gain traction. I keep bumping into more and more projects using GlassFish and somewhat more formal metrics also Show Growth. The main comparison seems to be with JBoss, like in the blogs by Julian and Matt.

So... who will be the winner in the race among Application Servers?... I expect the upward trend to continue as we roll out more key technologies in GF V2, but, I really want to make a different point.

The real winner of the competition will be you, the developer. Roman put it well in his recent blog on Listening to Developers. But what you need to do is to stay engaged and help us get it right. In the case of GlassFish V2, we are running several threads specifically to this effect: check here and here (and also the plain community stats). Help us help you!

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