The road to GlassFish Day

Click interactive map - Road to GlassFish Day

As it was said before, there will be a GlassFish Day this year right before JavaOne on Monday, May 7th, 2007. We're still working on the agenda to have this really be a community event with updates on GlassFish v2 and related projects, partners involvment, deployment stories and a look forward. In the mean time, there will be a lot of content around the world.

The following Sun Tech Days will feature the following presentations : "Java EE 5 and GlassFish: A Plunge into the Aquarium", "JAX-WS and WSIT: Tangoing with .NET", "EJB 3.0 and Java Persistence APIs: Simplifying Persistence", hands-on labs and more :

•  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - March 6-8, 2007
•  London, United Kingdom - March 13-15, 2007
•  Paris, France - March 19-21, 2007
•  St. Petersburg, Russia - April 11-13, 2007

There are also another set of events around the world :
•  Sun Developer Days in Australia and New Zealand, March 20-23, 2007 with a broad range of GlassFish-related topics.
•  AjaxWorld in New-York City, March 19-21, 2007 featuring talks on Comet by Jeanfrancois "Grizzly" Arcand, JSF and AJAX talk by Craig "MVC" McClanahan, and Enterprise AJAX by Greg "jMaki" Murray.
•  Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, April 15-18 2007.
•  JAX 2007 in Wiesbaden April 23-27, 2007 featuring a GlassFish v2 session.

Any other I'm missing?

GlassFish Day agenda and registration should be available real soon now. Stay tuned.


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